PEFC-COC is short for Pan European Forest Certification-Compliance of Certification, which ensures that forestry products can be traced back to sustainable management forest . Currently, two-thirds of the world's forests are certified by the PEFC, which provides adequate certified wood and wood fiber for market. PEFC logo will be used on products with clear, simple, transparent way to inform consumers that these wood and non-wood forest products are from sustainable management forest, demonstrated it’s responsible for the purchasing of wood and non wood forest products practice. PEFC forest certification offers guarantee mechanism for buyers who promote sustainable forest management wood and paper products. Our company is the first to make recycled paper as the raw materials and get PEFC certified paper company in China.

ISO9000 refers to the International Organization for Standardization, which is defined by quality management and quality assurance technical committee ISO/TC176 Committee formulated and promulgated about quality management system standard.  ISO9000 standard is issued by the International Organization for Standardization, number 9-based series of quality management standards. ISO9001 is one of core standards series covered by ISO9000 standard, full name called the Quality Management System, which provides organizations with practical approach, manage the organization's quality activities by sysmatic mode, and "customer-centric" concept through to the standard of each element, in order to enable products or services meet customer sustainable expectations and keep satisfied customers. Obtained ISO9001 certificate is a recognized symbol, with this certificate, the organization does not have to prove their quality management ability. Moreover, the rule is an international language.

3、OHSAS 18001:
(OHSAS18001: Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI), Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and other 13 organizations in 1999, that is OHSAS18001 "Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System - norms ", OHSAS18002" Occupational Health and Safety Management System - Implementation Guide. "OHSAS is mainly based on risk management concept, its management is carried out in accordance with PDCA, hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control is main theme of the system, check and correct is the result. Its main purpose is to provide a scientific and effective management means for enterprises to improve occupational health and safety.)

ISO14000 series standards is an international standard drafted by International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC207. ISO14000 is a series of environmental management standards, which include environmental management systems, environmental auditing, environmental labeling, life cycle analysis and other area international environmental management, designed to guide all types of organizations (enterprises, companies) to conduct correct environmental behavior. There about 100 standard number of 14000 series.The series of standards is divided into seven series, which is ISO14001-14100. ISO14001 environmental management system is composed of environmental policy, planning, implementation and operation, checking and corrective action and management review, through continuous review, evaluation activities, improve the organization's environmental awareness and management level, enhance environmental protection responsibilities during the production activities and services. Our company is the first enterprise to
obtain ISO14001in China.

ISO14025: III-type environmental certification mark, emphasized on double excellence of product quality and environmental indicator. It is analyzed based on (such as design, production, use and disposal) life cycle assessment theory in each phase of products and service, listed all the environmental impact related to products and service(declare data table), and to detect and calculate the corresponding quantitative results, provide products and services comparable environmental information for consumers and dealers, in the meanwhile to establish "green" image in the market.

ISO14064-1 referred to greenhouse gas inventory. It includes a set of international standards (GHG) the best greenhouse gas information and data management, reporting and verification. Through usage standardized way, people can calculate and verify emissions data, to ensure that a ton of CO2 measurement method is the same as anywhere in the world. This will enable the calculation of emissions uncertainty statement to be unified in the world. This is to cope with the forthcoming implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries control of corporate GHG emissions, and future GHG credit trading, etc.) .We are the first paper-making enterprise to obtain ISO14064 greenhouse gas emissions certification.

7、Measurement Inspection System Certification:
ISO10012 refers to measurement inspection system, through the management of measuring devices and process, due to incorrect measurement results in organization risk, reduced the possible incorrect measurement results to minimal; quality risk caused by inaccurate measurement to be minimized, so that the measuring system plays an important guarantee role in achieving products quality objectives and other targets.


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