Ningbo Zhonghua Paper & Asia Pulp and Paper regards customers’  satisfaction as the first priority. We will provide you excellent services with professional team and wide network.

Paper attached, sincere service
400 hotline can improve comprehensive advisory services;
Visit customers, always concerned about your paper usage status;
Get in touch with you initiatively by call and understand your voice;
Customer invited, invite you to our factory and feel our corporate culture.

Care for your urgent needs
Many complain channels to facilitate you to feedback. Several printing and paper professional experts are stationed all around the country. When received question feedback, we will get in touch with you at first time and offer solutions.streamline shape of the operation can accelerate the efficiency on handling information process.

Think about you and make suggestions
Dozens of printing experts are ready to offer professional technical analysis and support for you. At the same time, we have organized a number of technology exchange activities to offer solutions face to face, and deliver the feedback to the company so as to improve the quality sustainedly.

With professional technical support, advanced management concepts and perfect operational processes, all the staff will continue to make effort and more high-quality service for you.

We wish to meet your satisfaction!


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