Ningbo Zhonghua Paper has a history of about 20 years, and it has 2 factories including the 1st Paper Factory and the 2nd Paper Factory. The 2 factories have 3 papermaking machines imported from Japan, German and Austria. The production technology level is the most advanced in the world.
◎The 1st Paper Factory of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper:
The 1st Paper Factory has 1 papermaking machine PM1. Imported from Japan, it has been working since 1988. Being the oldest papermaking machine it can still maintain high-speed and high-quality operation, it has been innovated many times with big investments after it was put into operation, so PM1 can still operate in the same way as the most advanced papermaking machines. The annual production capability has been increased from 34000 tons at the beginning to 60000 tons. The reel of PM1 is 2.4 m, the operation speed is 150 m/min and the density is 350-550 g/m2. With the ability to make board of up to 8 layers, PM1 is suitable for making medium and high class high-gram gray duplex boards. The high quality products are acclaimed by the printing factories in China.

Paper machine I with the longest service time

◎The 2nd Paper Factory of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper:
The 2nd Paper Factory has 2 papermaking machines PM2 and PM3, which were installed and put into production in 1996 and 1997 respectively.
These 2 modern papermaking machines VOITH SUZER from Austria and ANDRITZ from Germany are both 4.2 m wide, the fastest operation speed is 500 m/min, and they can be used to produce 210-400 g/m2 high class ivory board, art board and playing card board etc. Because 4-layer long net is used, the products have good evenness and high stiffness. Many high class customers in China like to use products made with these two machines for packaging.
The main brands of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. include Jinbei, Jinou, Hanwei, Chieftain, Caidie, Ningbo Star, Naweiya, Baiyu. Brands used for exportation include Ningbo Star etc. Jinbei C1S duplex board has been awarded National Quality Golden Award, and Hanwei and Jinou high class duplex boards have been awarded Best Credibility Brand of the Industry in China. Jinou has been awarded Name Brand of China and Name Brand of Zhejiang.

Paper Machine II and Paper Machine III of the 2nd Factory of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper

Paper Machine II and Paper Machine III of the 2nd Factory of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper


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