Quality Assurance


The main job of the quality assurance department is to inspect different raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. At the same time, it inspects and analyses? imported products, develops new inspection measures and makes technical standards of products.
With strong technical power and advanced testing instruments, with "practical and realistic, objective and fair" working attitude, and with the spirit of "unity, cooperation and endeavoring", the quality assurance department has been awarded many times for its excellent work, as it made great contributions to help the company pass accreditation of ISO 9002 International Quality Management System, ISO 14001 International Environment Management System and OHSMS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
Advanced instruments and dependable data are important to control quality of raw materials, so the company invests a lot to buy many advanced instruments. The investment on instruments in 2005 reached 1.5 million yuan.
The inspection instruments are as follows:
(01)METTLER analytical balance
(02)HACH water quality analyzer
(03)YX-ZR/Q automatic calorimeter
(04)Sedi GraphⅢ particle size analyzer
(05)SDSM—IV intellectual sulfur meter
(06)L&W Elrepho whiteness meter
(07)L&W PPS roughness meter
(08)L&W Autoline 300 automatic analyzer
(09)IGTAIC2-5 printing adaptability tester
(10)RI-2 printing adaptability analyzer



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