Environment Protection

Zhonghua Paper is always very careful in works related to environment protection and always take environment protection as the most important issue. It has invested 160 million yuan on environment protection projects and their supplemental projects. After passing accreditation of ISO 14001 International Environment Management System of SGS from Switzerland in February 1999, it became the first papermaking enterprise with this accreditation in China, and it also became a model of the Chinese papermaking enterprises through its efforts in environment protection. In June 2000 Ningbo Municipal Government honored the company with "Top Ten Environment Protection Enterprise" and "Advanced Unit in Creating National Model Cities". In December 2005 Zhonghua Paper was awarded "National Environment Friendly Enterprise".
In the process of production and development, Zhonghua Paper strictly carries out the environment policies of China, takes effective measures to prevent and control pollution, promotes clean production and circulating economy and tries its best to "save energy, decrease consumption, control pollution and increase efficiency" in all the segments. At the same time, it continuously increase recycling rate of waste water, waste gas and waste residue, decrease or eliminate pollutants in production, so that the production can have the minimum damage to the environment and our economic system can harmoniously get into the physical circulation process of the natural ecosystem to realize resource-saving circulating economy.
Environment protection efforts of Zhonghua Paper:
(一)Passed accreditation of ISO 14001 International Environment Management System.Zhonghua Paper is the first papermaking enterprise which passed the accreditation in China.
(二) Water consumption for each ton of product is below 17 tons, which is much lower than the average of the industry in China of 60 tons.
(三) Treating of three wastes is complete and our discharging standards are higher than the National Standards.
(四) The factory is designed as a garden, and it is completely different from the traditional papermaking enterprises.
(五) Zhonghua Paper has been awarded "Green Enterprise of Zhejiang", "Environment Protection Model Enterprise of Ningbo" and "Garden-style Enterprise" etc.
(六) National Environment Protection Bureau awarded the company "National Environment Friendly Enterprise" in November 2005.

Environment protection investment of Zhonghua Paper:
◎Waste water treatment method
A/O biochemical treatment is used to treat waste water before discharging. About 30% of waste water is recycled and used as middle water in production, greening, fire prevention, toilet and floor cleaning.
◎Smoke from boiler and treatment
The two 220t/h CFB boiler made with American Foster Wheeler technology. Dongfang Boiler Factory designed and manufactured high-efficiency and low-pollution circulating boiler with fluidized bed. The smoke from boiler is absorbed by 4 static electric fields in 2 rooms. Meanwhile, limestone is added into furnace to do desulfuration.
◎Solid waste production and use
The main solid waste of Zhonghua Paper includes waste residue, life trash, office trash, waste pulp, waste mud, coal ash, furnace ash, waste material and dangerous solid waste etc. 60BDT/D burning furnace is used to burn waste residue and life trash to make steam for the factory.
Newspaper and other office paper in office trash are recycled and others are burned in the furnace. Waste pulp is recycled by the 1st Paper Factory. Coal ash and furnace ash are used in concrete products. In this way, they are reused to save energy and decrease environment pollution of solid waste. Zhonghua Paper put dehydrated mud from waste water treatment into CFB furnace as fuel. As the dehydrated mud has calcium carbonate, thus less calcium carbonate is needed in the furnace and less solid waste is produced. The primary mud has higher recycling value and is comprehensively used. In this way, the fibers in mud and other organic materials can be reused and the amount of solid waste can be decreased.
◎Noise control
Zhonghua Paper invested 334000 yuan to do a special noise control project in the sensitive areas in 2003. It installed 11 sets of different kinds of mufflers at the side of Nantang River of PM3, constructed noise blocking wall of 1700 m2 and changed gas discharging directions of some discharging mouths. The noise control measures above obviously improved noise pollution of the factory. The company has set up several noise monitoring points to measure noise regularly. The noise level of the factory can meet the National Control Standards of ≤65dB in the day and ≤55dB at night.
In order to a good working environment, the company has invested 3 million yuan for greening. The greening area has reached over 230000 m2, which is 100% of the area that is suitable for greening. The company was awarded "Advanced Unit in Greening of Ningbo" and "Garden-style Enterprise" in 2003, "Advanced Unit in Greening of Ningbo" and "National Environment Friendly Enterprise" in 2005.



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