Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper is equipped with a huge papermaking machine made by METSO of Finland. The equipment is about 600 m long and as high as a 4-storey building.
The papermaking machine has 5 layers of net, The shaping part is composed of 5 hydraulic pulp containers. One of the containers has a diluting control system. The net part is a 5 ply-wires with MB shaping head. The pressing part is composed of 2 double-felt SymBelt boot pressing area and 1 smooth pressing area with no felt. Pre-drying and drying part is composed of 111 drying jars. A set of OptiSizer glue applier is used to apply glue on both sides. To control board thickness, the papermaking machine has a hard presser. Coating part is composed of 5 OptiCoat Jet spraying stations. Paper board is applied with top coat after being pressed with OptiSoft, reeled with OptiReel Plus and rolled with WinBelt.
The papermaking machine is mainly used to produce 250-450GSM duplex board with gray base and duplex board with white base. The maximum width is 8.1 m, the maximum speed is 900 m/min, the daily production can reach 2500 tons and the annual production can be as high as 750000 tons. With the best QCS and DCS quality control system, it is the most advanced paper board production line with the biggest width, fastest speed and largest production capability.



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