Quality Assurance


The quality management department is in charge of inspection of finished products, semi-finished products and other raw materials bought by the company, and it also organizes board inspection and analysis, develops new inspection measures and makes technical standards for products. The department has strong technical power and advanced instruments imported from Europe, USA and Japan, and its inspection and analysis ability is one of the best in the world.

Physical analysis lab
The lab is equipped with an air-conditioning system from Canada that can keep it in constant temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity can be precisely controlled. The lab has passed inspection of the State Metrological Bureau as it can control the ISO standard temperature and humidity (23±1℃,50±2% RH).
Physical analysis lab has advanced board analyzer that can inspect and analyze board quality including surface features, mechanical features, printing performance and box-making performance etc. comprehensively and provide important data to printing factories and packaging enterprises.
●L&W tension meter
●L&W breaking resistance tester
●L&W spectrophotometer
●TABER hardness meter
●IGT AIC2-5 printing adaptability tester

Raw material inspection department
The raw material inspection department is in charge of quality inspection, follow-up and feedback of the quality of raw materials (including pulp, waste paper from China and other countries, chemicals, coal, ore and wooden packaging materials etc.) entering the factory and quality inspection and follow-up of the semi-finished products in the production processes (including pulp, paint and clean water).
The raw material inspection department controls quality according to the opinions of the production department, make and revise quality inspection indexes of finished and semi-finished products to meet customer demands, and make raw material inspection procedures and operation instructions in accord with ISO systems. All the information from inspection must be reported in time and substandard raw materials must be returned to ensure quality of finished products.

Pulp analysis lab
The pulp analysis lab is equipped with many advanced instruments including Canadian standard freeness tester, automatic film reader, semi-automatic film reader, PULMAC analyzer, PFI grinder, paper presser, high concentration breaker, floating deink trough, fast paper dryer, fast moisture meter and electronic balance etc.

Chemical analysis lab
The chemical analysis lab has different instruments and chemical reagents for analysis, a balance room and a drying room. All the chemicals entering the factory can be analyzed comprehensively, so that each piece of paper made can meet customer demands.

Dye analysis lab
The dye analysis lab has advanced instruments including particle size analyzer, high-speed breaker, handy spectrophotometer, powder presser, viscosity meter and electronic balance etc.
The main job of the lab is to analyze dyes including calcium carbonate, porcelain clay and titanium pigment entering the company to make sure that boards produced in different periods have consistent colors.

Fuel analysis lab
The fuel analysis lab has many advanced instruments including automatic calorimeter, sulfur meter, infra-red fast coal analyzer, intellectual ash melting point tester, moisture analyzer for petroleum products, Entrance flash point tester, distillation analyzer for petrochemical products and dynamic viscosity meter etc.
The main job of the lab is to analyze fuels including coal and petroleum entering the company to control quality of the fuels for the power plant and make sure the whole factory has dependable energy supply.

Product inspection department
The main job of the product inspection department is to check finished products. It has strong technical power and advanced instruments and testing equipments.
The employees in the product inspection department have developed many new methods of inspection to make sure the quality of finished products can meet customer demands. With the development of printing technology, customers have higher demands in product quality. The department will keep on working hard on development of new projects and make sure our paper quality can meet customer demands.
The product inspection department has imported many advanced instruments from Europe, USA and Japan and organized special trainings for many technicians and inspectors. We have the most advanced automatic paper inspection instrument AUTOLINE that can help us improve paper quality further and meet customer demands.

Inspection instruments
Advanced inspection instruments ensure dependable and precise inspection data. Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper undoubtedly has invested a lot for this purpose:
●L&W Autoline 300 automatic testing line
●L&W thickness meter
●GST1-W、GST3-H printing adaptability tester
●RI - 2 Printing adaptability analyzer

Teardown room and training classroom
Our department attaches great importance to the work of employee training. With many experienced teachers and technicians, we organize regular and comprehensive employee trainings each month to ensure each and every employee understands his/her position and responsibilities.


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