Corporate Mission


I. Practice green circulation: Plant trees in lands and mountains to increase water and soil preservation, decrease greenhouse effects and do things to benefit the nature.
II. Inherit paper-making civilization: Make pulp and paper to inherit human cultures.
III. Improve life quality:Meet life demands of human being such as printing, packaging, writing and sanitation etc.
IV. Establish a multidimensional life community:Abide by environment protection standards, create good working environment and improve life quality.
1.Provide excellent products and services, enhance customer’s competitiveness and increase their profit-making ability to realize the goal of win-win.
2.Provide opportunity for the employees, stimulate the employees and encourage them to make innovations and inventions and speed up high-tech development of the company.
3.Improve profit-making ability of the enterprises and increase reward to shareholders.
4.Exchange with other enterprises of the same industry, make full use of the leadership power and work

together to increase competitiveness of the industry.




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