1、external inspection of container
1).Whether there is hit mark outside
2).If box number and seals are marked with the same consignment and photographed
3).If  seal is completed.

2、Container internal inspection
If there is obvious movement, turning bags, moisture and damage in the cabinet(if any problems, please notify the insurance company or commissioner service, take the photo of the accident which set container as background, you can unload if no problems


1).unload according to regulatory requirement.
2).Strictly conduct the behavior of turn-out box in order to avoid accident and reduce cost


 4、Check the paper appearance
Check if the appearance is perfect, damage, wet and moldy,etc.
If have problem:

1).Notify the insurance company
2).Take the photo of damage evidence which set container as background
3).Drivers must record detail damage information and quantity and sign it
4).Commissioner should fill out on-site confirmation and record damage information and quantity
5).Submit to customer complaint center after collecting relevant evidence

No problem: Check quantity


5、Paper check
Check the product specifications, types and quantity, then put in storage.

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