The famous Sinar Mas Group was established by Mr. Eka Tjipta Widjaja, a well-known Chinese entrepreneur in Asia, and its businesses are mainly in four industries: pulp and paper, agricultural product and food industry, financing and real estate development. Its pulp and paper group company Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. (APP) was registered in Singapore in October 1994. After 30 years of constant efforts, APP has become one of the Top Ten Papermaking Enterprises of World, and its total asset has reached more than US$ 10 billion. The annual production and processing capacity is about 10 million tons, and it owns over 1 million hectares of fast growing forestry.

APP started to take Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta as its key investment sites in 1992, and it has invested to build large advanced pulp and paper enterprises including Gold East, Ningbo Zhonghua, Jinhuasheng, Jinhongye and Hainan Jinhai etc, and large scale modern fast growing forestry. At present, Gold East Paper is the largest papermaking enterprise in China, and it is also the largest art board producer of the world. Ningbo Zhonghua is the largest industrial paper producer of China. Jinhuasheng is the largest carbonless copying paper producer of China. Jinhongye is the largest life paper producer in China, and even in Asia. Hainan Jinhai is the largest pulp maker in China. Yalong is the largest paper product processor in China.
At present, APP owns 20 solely-owned or controlled pulp and paper enterprises and over 19 pieces of forestry lands, and its total asset is about 1,471.7 billion yuan. The annual production capability is about 1,100 million tons. The total sale in China was 42.2 billion yuan in 2014. It has about 40000 whole-time employees.
Following the enterprise philosophy of sustainable development, APP always attaches importance to its special relationships with society and environment. It strives to protect environment and take social responsibilities. In order to make APP a first-class enterprise of the world which integrates forestry, pulp and paper production, it invested heavily on artificial forestry development. Until now, its forestry enterprises has made over 4.3 million mu of artificial forestry in China, and the circulating economy model that integrates forestry, pulp and paper production has taken shape now. Furthermore, over 10 pulp and paper enterprises invested by APP have all passed accreditation of ISO 14001 International Environment Management System, and Ningbo Zhonghua was the first papermaking enterprise that passed accreditation of ISO 14001 International Environment Management System in China. Gold East Paper and Ningbo Zhonghua Paper were awarded “National Environment Friendly Enterprise” in September 2004 and November 2005 respectively, which gradually changes the bad image of pollution maker of papermaking enterprises.
At the same time, APP never forgets to reward the society, and it actively helps the local government and communities. With total donation of 199 million yuan, it was listed as the 2nd in Foreign Enterprise Charity List of China published by Forbes in 2004 and the 1st in the Top 100 Charity Donors of China published by Hurun Report. APP hopes to introduce advanced equipments and technologies of the world and use large scale production to promote change of Chinese papermaking industry from traditional to modernized production. Meanwhile, it hopes to introduce the green papermaking idea into China and help the Chinese papermaking enterprises realize sustainable development through its own environment protection practices.


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