In December 2009, Climate Conference held in Copenhagen, worldwide blowing a "low carbon" cyclone, therefor 2009 named as "low-carbon year"; low-carbon life and low carbon economy has become a new philosophy of life advocated and promoted by the government, enterprises and public.

In January 2010, the first Low Carbon China Forum was successfully held in Beijing, which proposed that May 20 each year as the global "carbon date", and on this day to carry out large-scale public campaign.

 In May 20, 2010, the world's first "carbon date" theme campaign was held as scheduled, jointly organized by China forum office, Western Returned Scholars Association Entrepreneur Alliance, Business for Social Responsibility, and combined with Baidu, Tencent, adhering to the tenet of " advocate low-carbon social responsibilities, promote low-carbon culture", "low-carbon city in the action" as the theme, including Baidu carbon map, the Great Wall of low-carbon business activities, according to statistics, the event attracted more than 10 million inters at home and abroad, the reader, the joint participation of citizens.

As a high-quality, green paper manufacturer, APP Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper has been the first step in the carbon area: integrated pulp and paper, green paper, energy saving building, which has become our company's development concept.

On March 26, 2009, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and APP Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper, together with its other factories, seized the "low-carbon opportunities," the first complete carbon footprint assessment, which  become the first large-scale carbon emissions assessment enterprise in China, set a clear baseline for energy-saving and carbon reduction management.

To achieve recycling carbon reduction purposes, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper established resources reusing cycles. According to experts estimation, every one ton of waste paper recycling can produce 0.8 tons of good paper, less cutting 17 trees, save 3 cubic meters of landfill space, in addition, compared to the production of one tonne of non-recycled paper, the production of one tonne of recycled paper can reduce the consumption of 7000 gallons water, 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity consumption, 60 pounds of air pollutant emissions and a tonne of greenhouse gas emissions; and recycled waste paper generated air pollution and water pollution were reduced by 74% and 35% than using natural fibers arising from pollution. So projections, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper recyled more than 700,000 tons of waste paper fiber per year, equal to cutting less than 10 million trees, less emissions by 20 million tons of carbon dioxide.

This time, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper will more actively participate in the world's first "carbon Day" campaign, is also the verification that we are constantly keeping green, low carbon business allows us quick access to the organizers, in Baidu low-carbon maps, planted Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper green trees, on the low-carbon Great Wall, we have a dedicated "low-carbon bricks," as long as click low-carbon bricks, can be linked to our website to see more about our company to promote and carry out low-carbon, environmentally friendly activities.


Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper is China's first paper-making enterprise to obtain ISO14064 certification of greenhouse gas emissions supervision chain (commonly known as the carbon footprint certification), and in May 2010 passed ISO14025 (III environments logo) certification, become product quality and environmental indicators are double excellent business. It is the waste paper fiber as raw material, the use of advanced technology to produce high-quality, low-carbon green paper process, known as low energy consumption, pollution-free green paper. 

Using our green paper to pack your commodity, which should add value for your products and cover more market share!


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