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 If someone tells you, you can just tear the wrapping paper to identify what the product is true, do you believe it? Recently, the reporter see this special security paper in Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. It looks identical with the general white paper, but after light tear, actually exposing the red inner network. "We use security screen printing process, the inner color can be changed, customers can choose according to their own requirements, if ed, then other customers will not use the color of the inner layer, that is, 'one plant one paper '. "Xu Jiyao, sales director said.

In recent years, the face of financial crisis, raw material and freight costs rised, RMB appreciation and other problems, adhering to the spirit of "high-tech, high-quality, high value-added" product development strategy and the "diversity" business strategy, and actively explore Japan, U.S.A, EU, Africa and other overseas markets, has won the international competition opportunities. In 2010, export volume exceeded 540,000 tons, risen by 20% than 2009, about one-third of total sales, export scale is expected to increase 10% in 2011. From the end of 2008 15% to the present 33%, it just taking two years or so, develop a international route.

Enhance quality, explore oversea market
Xu Jiyao told reporters that in the last two years, the company's export market is booming, because people know that any new market development, emphasis on product quality and sales service, the former is basis of the company development, but only to meet needs of the customers is the highest quality products.
As one of the world's largest single production of high-grade packaging paper producers, Asia Pulp and Paper people rely on advanced production and testing equipment, from the source of the product, production process and forming, the strict control all aspects. All plant materials according to ISO9001 standards for the sample, and sent to central laboratories for quality control inspection before being qualified for production. After each cardboard stopping working, they are subject to on-site visual inspection, the staff will regularly send samples for printing, die cutting, laminating experiments to better understand the characteristics of the product printing and finishing, continue to improve product quality.
In the past three years, the company complete masters market information and has been visited customers at home and abroad, listening to our customers real needs and solve their problems. Take the whiteness of the paper for example, the foreign customers and markets do not like some particular white paper, because they feel this is more damage to eyes; while some domestic customers like white paper, because they feel this is more clean and tidy. From purchasing point of view, Asians tend to buy paper according to weight, while Americans based on thickness ... ... the diverse needs promote us to optimize product structure, development and production of more satisfactory product.
From 2009 to 2010, the company national R & D center launched JDC Japan without fluorescent brightener duplex paperboard, PE / PET laminated deep-processing products, PC5 Black Diamond series of poker special paper, FDC security duplex board , UIV/UV1 high-thickness white card series, UV2 high-thickness specialty paper business cards, kit laser code number paper and other new products, and have been listed in the international market.
Take initiative to change, deal with rising cost and trade barriers crisis
Last year, as the main raw material for paper-making countries, Chile had a strong earthquake, wood pulp production and transport is interrupted, leading to rising prices of China's pulp imports. Early 2009, pulp import price is up to $ 620  / ton,  $ 800 per ton at the end of 2009, last year is $ 810. Late last year, transportation costs began to soar, coupled with appreciation of the RMB and other factors, paper profits falling.

 In November 15, the United States imposes anti-dumping countervailing tax on our coated paper, 340 grams or less paper exported to the United States imposes 25.2% tax. Due to this reason, since February last year, APP stops exporting 340 grams less flat paper to the U.S., instead to roll export. However, most local printers do not have roll slitter cut flat sheets, so reduce the product's competitiveness in the local market.
The company took out the first measurement: enrich raw materials. Through using recyled news paper, magazines, recycled paper and office paper as the raw materials, effective control of costs, while ensuring product quality and successful use of "green card" to cover U.S. and European markets. "A piece of paper can be recycled six times." Xu Jiyao said, Today, the company's 55% raw materials of "green paper" is made of recycled waste paper. Then, resorted to the second trick: take advantage of customer. Based on good cooperative relations over the years, after consultation with the client, or switch to FOB (FOB port of shipment) transaction by the customer to pay shipping; or the use of monthly settlement payments to avoid exchange rate risk; for one year of the contract, rising costs are borne by the two sides, minimize product costs. The third measure: change sales channels, usually, 340 grams of paper in the United States, the main high-margin printing market; now, then sell to the cut plants, or to find local cutting plants, re-entering the local print market after processing. Despite the profit decline, but stabilize the market share. According to statistics, until now, Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper export volume is increased by 30%.
Opportunities and risks co-exist, manage African market careful
In the interview, the reporter learned that, six years ago, Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper has already begun to consider the layout of the African market. Sales volume was only 100 tons in 2006, up to 2009, there is breakthrough development in African market, at the end of the year, monthly sales up tp more than 1,000 tons, increased to 1,400 tons in 2010, two years sales grew 140%, and gradually becoming stable.
Now, in southern Africa, South African branch as the core, actively expand sales channels, while in digestion the current capacity, make preparations to further expand production capacity in the future; in the west, Nigeria as central, the use of local talent to infiltrate the surrounding areas; as for the north areas, through the development of the practice of 3-5 dealers, to establish marketing networks, win more clients.
"Africa as a battleground, rich in resources, the paper market has good development potential. Currently, the local paper industry is at the beginning and part of the development, but as close to Europe, many Europe and America paper products are exported there, the last two years, India and South Korea enterprise also joined, market is increasingly competitive. "Xu Jiyao said that after six years of hard work, APP has laid a good foundation, now, African paper industry in the ascendant, there is a good time using modern, advanced, environmentally friendly paper-making technology, the company regards it as key market to develop in the future.

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