Cao Chunyu, Director of China Pulp and Paper Research Institute ①
Vice-president of the Standing Committee of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce Forest Industry and Indonesian Special Chamber of Commerce Forest Industry②
Liu Tianshi, Marketing Director of APP(China) ③


Green Commitment Green Development: China Paper Sustainable Development Forum held in Shenzhen in 2011 reprinted from "Printing technology.Package decoration printing"issued in September 2011

On August 19, "'Green Commitment Green Development' China Paper Sustainable Development Forum" held in Shenzhen Intercontinental Hotel in 2011, which hosted by China Pulp and Paper Research Institute, China Forestry Industry and Wharton Economic Research, cosponsored by supported by pulp and paper industry leading enterprise APP.

Green Commitment Green Development: China Paper Sustainable Development Forum held in Shenzhen in 2011

"China's paper raw material purchasing and environmental certification" is the theme of this forum, Wang Qinhua, former director of Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation and vice president of China Chamber of Commerce; Cao Chunyu, director of China Pulp and Paper Research Institute; Xi Junqing, vice-chairman of Environmental Protection Department of Environment and Development Center; Ren Shifeng, secretary-general of China Forestry Industry Association and director of TRW Forest Certification; Shen Hanyao, director of Wharton Economic Research Institute; Wang Juhua, senior engineer of China Pulp and Paper Research Institute; Transtoto Handhadari, vice-president of the Standing Committee of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce Forest Industry and Indonesian Special Chamber of Commerce Forest Industry; Liu Tianshi, marketing director of APP, had attended this meeting. In addition, this forum also attracted more than 200 participants who are from paper enterprise, printing company, end users and relevant well-known media.

As the organizer representative, Cao Chunyu and Shifeng have made speech, in which they introduced the development situation of China's paper industry and the promotion situation and significance of forest certification in the domestic market, at the same time, recognized the contributions made by APP promoting paper industry toward green sustainable development.

During the speech, Wang Qinhua first delivered a speech entitled "etablishing certification assessment system suitable for China's national conditions, laid the foundation for economic healthy development". She pointed out that China has become the world's second largest economy, the focus of the global paper industry being transferred from Europe and other developed countries to the Asia-Pacific and other developing regions. Since 2009, paper production exceeded 80 million tons, China has surpassed the U.S. as the world's first paper producer. However, China has its own certification, auditing, accounting and other high-end professional services, system development is relatively slow, over-reliance on foreign institutions. Therefore, China needs to establish consistent with China's certification assessment system for the economic health of escort, to promote just and fair international trade.

The certification system is directly related to the procurement standards and tendencies. As for forest pulp and paper industry certification system, Xi Jun Qing, deputy director of "actively carry out environmental certification, and to promote green procurement", introduced circumstances and significance of China's environmental labeling certification, and government to promote green procurement, to guide the sustainable consumption policies, and pointed out that China's environmental labeling is products of China's official proof-trademarks, product of China's highest level of green flag, encourage enterprises to achieve sustainable production, an important means of supporting the green industry. Wang Juhua engineers in a speech entitled "China the status of the paper making materials and paper fiber detection, from a technical point of view on the development of papermaking raw materials as well as paper fiber testing instruments and detection methods, while the APP (China ) has opened the road of integrating paper forest gave full affirmation and recognition.

Subsequently, Shi Feng addressed the speech entitled "Forest Certification - forest products, international trade fair of and issues related to speech. He said in his speech, the forest certification as a market mechanism is an important means of sustainable forest management. But by an independent certified forest area accounts for only 8.3%, Asia and Africa and other regions of the global forest area, forest certification difficulties, so still faces many challenges in the current certification system, the national, regional and global levels in a variety of system the coexistence of the status quo. Mainstream international PEFC and FSC two major forest certification system, he believes, between the two there was no difference in the certification authority, but their own certification standards and processes. Some countries, forest certification as a "green trade barriers", this forest and paper products procurement and international trade caused by direct damage. At present, China is actively explore the establishment of forest certification system, I believe this will contribute to the sustainable development of forest-related industries in China, to solve the problem of "access" of the international market of forest products, and respond to the "green trade barriers" in the international market.

Forest certification "green trade barriers" is not encountered by China alone, as another papermaking country in Asia, Indonesia has repeatedly subject to attacks of non-governmental environmental organizations in recently, which is considered to be in promoting the destruction of local tropical rain forests. Transtoto Handadhari, vice president in a speech entitled "Indonesia's forest products legitimacy and sustainable management": Indonesian government in forest protection laws harsh and published a number of related laws, any disregard of the law and order business will be severely punished by law. In the process of plantation development, part of the residual degradation of natural forests must be cleared, these timber for industrial use by the Government permitted by law, compared to incineration or any of its disposal of rotten government more inclined to industrial processing. The international community, especially Western non-governmental environmental organizations should be an objective view of Indonesia's current situation, and respect for Indonesia to achieve environmental, social and economic balance, and do in that regard efforts. Shen Han Yiu Dean, entitled "China's paper industry deserves the respect of the world" speech, said that the modern paper-making enterprises is the development of circular economy of a typical industry, fiber raw material is renewable, waste paper recycling, waste after treatment can also be recycled, some paper-making enterprises, such as APP (China) has been one of the world-class environmentally friendly green enterprises. The past, the invention of papermaking has been the world's respect; now, China remains the world's paper, clean production and circular economy mode, therefore, should be respected worldwide.

At the end of forum, Liu Tianshi said "green promise, green development-APP (China) sustainable development practices," as its theme, introduced as Asia's leading Group, APP (China) made effort in the clean production, energy conservation practice, as well as legitimacy of the pulp and paper raw materials. According to his introduction, until the end of 2010, APP (China) invest in China's environmental protection cause has more than 5.5 billion yuan through the development and implementation of science, pulp raw material procurement system and strict chain of custody policy, to ensure that legality of the wood raw material used by the pulp and paper.

APP (China) 's six factories in Ningbo, Jindong, Gimhae has obtained certification of the China Environmental Labeling (II), the Chinese paper industry's first large-scale factories and the products have passed the certification business. In addition, APP (China) 's pulp and paper plants have passed PEFC-COC Certification. APP (China) will continue to promote the sustainable development of the pulp and paper industry as its mission to fulfill green commitment, practice green development.

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