“Sinolink Securities – APP(China) Special Asset Support Plan of ‘The Belt and Road’(B & R) ” , whose original rights holder is APP(China), was successfully obtained the consideration and approval of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 2, 2018. This project is the first asset securitization project of the “B & R” in China, and the proposed issuance scale is 5.5 billion yuan. The raised funds will be used for supporting APP(China)’s Rudong Technology Industry Base of the “B & R” cum upscale tissue paper project, and main businesses focused on countries along the “B & R”.


The “B & R” has created new opportunities for the development of China's financial industry, while the important guarantee for achieving its construction goal is to build the financial artery. APP(China) has merged with its parent company, Sinar Mas Group, responded to the “B & R” initiative actively, and promoted its industrial upgrading continuously; Thus forming resources complementary with countries along the “B & R” on raw material importing and finished product exporting.


By cooperating closely with Sinolink Securities Co., Ltd. to issue asset securitization products, APP(China) has been deepening the resource of countries along the “B & R”, importing raw materials, accessories and packaging materials, etc., and transporting them to domestic paper product processing factories for deep processing, in order to promote economic upgrading and transformation. Meanwhile, APP(China) exports paper products to countries along the “B & R”, strives to expand exporting, and increase international market share. Due to the deep business cooperation with countries along the “B & R”, Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., which belongs to APP(China), has already exporting products to more than 42 countries, such as Egypt, Turkey, India, Malaysia, and so on.


According to reports, the basic assets of the special plan are accounts receivable of processing from paper processing factories belong to APP(China)’ subsidiaries, which are distributed in the "B & R" domestic radiation area. Accounts receivable debtor will purchase raw materials, accessories and packaging materials from countries along the “B & R”, and sell the products  after processing. All the securities raised funds will be used for importing raw materials from countries along the “B & R”, and expand production, factories and upgrade equipments, in order to service countries along the “B & R” indirectly.


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