China’s Forest Certification System Connects with the World

March 7, 2014, Shenzhen, China—On March 7, 2014, under the theme “A New Era of Certification”, the China National Forest Certification Scheme (CFCS) Endorsed by PEFC Forest Certification Workshop 2014 was held in Shenzhen. Representatives from the China Forest Certification Council (CFCC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) announced that CFCSand PEFC have successfully agreed to mutual recognition of their respective certification schemes. This event officially marks the integration of China’s forest certification system with the world, providing international and domestic companies with more certification and purchasing options.

The seminar was co-hosted by CFCC and PEFC China Initiative, and co-sponsored by APP-China. Top management in charge of purchasing and sustainable development from nearly 100 companies was present at the workshop. Attendees discussed the mutual recognition between the Chinese and international forest certification schemes as well as the latest policy developments in forestry product and paper purchasing in China. In addition, representatives from the world-renowned packaging technology integrated solutions provider HAVI Global and industry-leading pulp and paper company APP shared their opinions on the topics of material traceability and sustainable development best practices.

As amarket mechanism, forest certification aims to guarantee that the management and utilization of forest resources are conducted in a legal and sustainable manner. For companies, obtaining certification not only demonstrates the company’s responsible practice of sustainable forest management for stakeholders, such as governments, clients and consumers, but also provides indisputable evidence of the company’s legal sourcing of materials and products. According to Wang Wei, Chairmanof CFCC, in order to promote the sustainable development of China’s forestry and paper industry and facilitate China’s participation in the development of the global forest certification system, in 2010, China founded CFCC which attracted several interested parties.

The mutual recognition marks CFCS’sendorsement by an international mainstream forest certification system, and is an important step towards the internationalization of China’s forestry sector. “PEFC represents the best practice for global forest management. It also considers different forest ecosystems, legal and administrative systems as well as the socio-cultural backgrounds of different countries, so mutual recognition is a strategic decision for the long-term development of the sustainable management of China’s forest,” said Wang.

“Also, we appeal to majortimbersupplying countries to learn from China and promote the sustainable management of forests by committing to PEFC certification,” added Wang.

“China is not only the largest forest product producer, but one of the world’s top five countries in terms of forest area. CFCS’ integration with the global mainstream certification system means that a considerable area of forest can be managed using the world’s most advanced forest management scheme, and ultimately help certified enterprises enter the international market, ” said Benson Yu, Director of PEFC China Initiative.

For pulp and paper companies in China, compared with other international forest certification systems, CFCS is China’s homegrown certification system, so it comprehensively considers the national and forest conditions of China. Meanwhile, many countries place priority on the purchasing of certified products, so the mutual recognition not only helps improve the management level of Chinese forests and promote sustainable development, but also to some extent eliminates barriers for local products in entering international markets and helps enhance overall competitiveness.

In addition, the mutual recognition provides more certification options for international companies in China.“As an international company with a firm establishment in China, APP-China actively supports China to develop and promote the local forest certification system, and supports China’s efforts to go abroad and gain mutual recognition from other international certification systems, including PEFC.” said Dr. Huang Wending, Deputy CEO of APP-China Forestry.

“Participating in the forest certification system is a market choice in itself. APP-China maintains an open-mind about all certification systems. It is important for companies to consider and select the right certification system based on their own needs, target markets and operations characteristics.”

At present, over two million hectares of forests in China have successfully passed CFCS certification, and over 200 professionals have received relevant auditing training to meet the future demand for talents brought by the emerging certification business.

China is leading the world in terms of plantation area. Forest coverage has increased to over 21% as of 2013, compared to 12% just 30 years ago. The Chinese government has taken diversified approaches to improve the quality and quantity of forests in order to reach the goal of reaching total forest coverage of 23% and forest area of 223 million hectares by 2020.


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