Salary Structure


The salary is composed of basic wages, performance bonuses, allowances(subsidies) and other parts, each part distribution is according to their position.


Welfare Treatment


Staff vacation
1. Working hours: The company introduces standard working hours, working 8 hours a day, 40 hours per week, usually day shift and four shifts.
2. Besides the law of statutory public holidays and other holidays, the employees also have annual leave. As to the staff working in the company for more than one year, you can enjoy 5-10 days of paid annual leave.
3. There are marriage leave, bereavement leave, prenatal leave, maternity leave and nursing leave which comply to the labor law and relevant regulations.

Social insurance and other insurance
The company signed a labor contract from the beginning of the month to pay eligible employees pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and other social insurance.
Housing Fund
The company signed a labor contract from the beginning that month in accordance with policies and regulations for eligible employees to pay housing fund.
Labor protection and injury treatment
1. Over the age of 45, the company will arrange medical examination every 2 years, while below the age of 45, every 3-4 years. As to female employees and other special staff, they will arranged medical treatment every 1-2 years.
2. According to different positions need, the company will offer appropriate labor protection products and adopt relevant summer and winter measurement.
3. The company can provide work injury insurance for workers.

Medical treatment and sick leave regulations
1. For eligible employees, the company will pay medical insurance.
2. Clinic and allied medical personnel will be set up to provide medical services.

Holiday welfare
Welfare costs are paid during the Spring Festival, May Day and National Day.

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