Group Talent Management Philosophy

Respect to Individual
Employees are the most valuable assets.
Provide learning and development opportunities to enhance staff's intelligence and offer a platform for the development of talent.
People-oriented concept of corporate training
APP Industrial Paper Division not only implements the Group's personnel training philosophy, emphasizing on "people-oriented" ideas to improve the quality of personnel training and trained by foreign experts to assist, to establish a fully stimulate the vitality of staff training system, inspire each person to maximize the vitality and full development and utilization of human resources, enabling enterprises to maintain a high-speed stability and development.
Since its inception, APP Industrial Paper Division has given top priority to training, from senior leadership down to the shop front-line operatives, based on each person's career plan, the division can develop a personalized training program and offer individual development space, providing adequate training opportunities, and implement a combination of training and job qualification.

Relevant Training Activity



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